Where or how to get an Android Tablet screen fixed?

Answer Take it to a mobile phone kiosk in rhe mall they do tablets as well most times hope i helped ! :)

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How much is it to get a screen fixed on an Acer Tablet?

If you head over to a local market stall your probably looking at around £40, because the whole screen will need to be replaced. Also, try geek squad at Carphone warehouse, they are really profess... Read More »

My android tablet keeps showing these sort of codes at the top right hand side of the screen like its updating?

you have accidently turned on one of the dev options in the settings. Its settings/dev options and could be show cpu usage or one of the other options there. I am a android owner and also sell andr... Read More »

IPad's don't have Flash. Android Tablet's do. Why do you need Flash and which is better ANDROID TABLET OR IPAD?

flash is used for filling in forms, games and films like on YouTube etc. there really is no question. android all the way. majority of apps are free , expandable, cheaper and no messing about with ... Read More »

My viewsonic tablet responds in a different place on the screen to where I touch Will they replace it?

The calibration driver failed. You need to reinstall the display and calibration drivers to be able to recalibrate the screen. You should check your manufacturer's web site and forum for help or se... Read More »