Where to buy a blackberry 9300 from?

Answer I got mine from Phones4U

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Blackberry 9300 won't connect to wifi?

Depends; If it's out in public it'll need a sim card or a wifi hot spot username/password etcif its at home thats another story

Blackberry Curve 9300 only playing youtube videos in Low Quality?

My 9300 keeps going into a white screen?

Black, white,or blue, are any problems on the screen, can be one of two things. So you have to find out if it is the screen its self or if it is the GPU (video card) this is easyto do connect a sec... Read More »

Backberry curve 9300 what type of sim?

Does it matter? You can always use an adapter .. mini-sims come in one, don't they? The user guide only refers to a SIM card:http://docs.blackberr...104134-001-5.0-US.pdfChris My b-i-l has bought 2... Read More »