Where to find good software engineering job?

Answer Silicon Valley,California

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How to find software jobs without experience in uk i m graduate in software engineering from Pakistan ?

It is better to get a degree from UK....go to UK in a student visa to do MS....and after MS most probably the university will arrange something for you.... This is one way... The other is to get ex... Read More »

Which degree gives better job prospects - Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Software Engineering?

The best thing is to be well rounded on this field. You will always find work on Information Technology no matter what’s your major. The more you know the better chance you have.

What is cohesion in software engineering?

Degree level computing students learn about “cohesion” in tandem with “coupling.” The two conditions are complimentary. High cohesion results in low coupling, and vice versa. The two terms ... Read More »

Software engineering degree?

the job prospects are very good. believe me. just have a look at the local paper and see how many employers are looking for your type of position. p.S.> don't post your question on three different ... Read More »