Where will I find my NAT router configurations?

Answer Right, I know this. I used to have trouble with my router too. I`m using Utorrent but this should help you out. As you have not put down what equipment you`re using I`m going to give you this li... Read More »

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I have a netgear wireless router. i cant find the file i saved my WEP key to. How do i find my WEP key?

Just start all over again..hold a pin in the back of the router for 10 seconds (factory restore settings) then start all over again..

Upgrading PC configurations?

Well, your PC is old in general (especially by today's standards) so you could go either way with upgrading or getting a brand new one. I would recommend building a new one to get up to date to be ... Read More »

Pay up.. Why don't LAs pay us each time we sort our waste into more manageable configurations?

cos we are too stupid and just do as we are told

How to Know the Number of Valence Electrons When Writing Electron Configurations?

The valence electrons of an atom are its most important feature. These are the electrons orbiting around the atom that are farthest from the nucleus and the least tightly held. For this reason, the... Read More »