Where would be a good place to sell a unique item?

Answer Having 16 watchers means they're selling a similar product or are waiting for the price to drop.Did you look on Ebay for a similar item and if so, what is the price? Always research items before p... Read More »

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Best place to sell my car for a good price.?

=== your car is worth $25,000.00 and it is tough to find a buyer for a car that costs that much and is already 5 years old {{ cold hard facts}} == please put a small sign in your car == looking li... Read More »

Help. I have an adult website selling toys etc & would like 2 know a good place 2 sell things. Ebay say no?

Maybe craigslist. You're probably better off making a website and promoting it on craigslist or through other ads and stuff.

Can i sell an item on ebay before i have their item?

If you put it on for bidding on and say you put it on for 7 days then you could get away with it if you received it right after the bidding ended. Just make sure you know when you get it cause nobo... Read More »

Can you Sell an item on ebay if someone has already bit on it?

You have listed the item on open auction, or auction with a Buy it now option. As you now have a bid, you cannot put on a buy it now option.If there was originally a Buy it Now 'option', as soon as... Read More »