Wheres my memory gone?

Answer Clear your old System Restore points. By default Vista allocates 15% of your hard drive to system restore. Thats 12 gigs alone.To do so:go to control panel > system > advanced system settings > sys... Read More »

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Will pc2700 266mhz memory work in a laptop that uses pc2100 memory as standard?

In the vast majority of cases, yes. You should be fine with that.

I have a slow sony laptop with 128 MB memory. Will buying more memory speed it up ?

yes prasanna, win xp itself needs 128 mb ram to operateso basically any addition will be a tremendous boost> more so, since u'r processor / system is not the fastestmake it 512 mb, which is the max... Read More »

On things like Memory Sticks, iPods, mp3 players, why is the memory never exactly 1GB, 2GB, etc.?

simply put, a gigabyte is 1024 mb's, some companies go from the double up process, but that aint always the case,....................1gb is 1024mb, but some companies say it is Read More »

How to Make a Memory MagicGate With a 32Mb Memory Card?

If you are having trouble with your Sony MagicGate flash memory card --- be it being unable to access the card, having missing or hidden files or being unable to access the full space of the drive ... Read More »