Which A-level subjects are good for a Uni course in Marketing & Advertising?

Answer English is good especially if you want to move into the PR/Copywriting area, art/photography if you want to be on creative/design side. Otherwise any good resualt in any subjects

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Are these good a-level subjects to take?

The only good, impressive subjects in my eyes are maths, science (psychology etc. not included) and foreign languages. So in short, no, not really.

A level choices: what is a good combination of 4 out of these subjects- maths latin economics rs frenchistory?

In order to compliment the Maths, I would suggest taking economics and French goes really well with Latin as French stems from Latin.Hope this helps! :)

Is a career in advertising/marketing good pay?

I just saw a list of the high paying jobs in demand, and advertising manager was the highest on that list. It beat out computer programmers. It's what I do for a living.

Do you think multi level marketing can not be a good jobhow do you think is the future prospect of MLM?

A. Mercer, what you are describing is a pyramid scheme, and those are illegal. MLM's are companies that market a product(s), through a specific distribution channel. As long as there are buyers, yo... Read More »