Which OSI layer does cell phone belong to?

Answer It will belong to more than one. Application due to the software on the phone, Presentation due to formatting the information received, Session due to establishing connections between it and the re... Read More »

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Why is application layer, session layer and presentation layer combined into a single layer in the TCP/IP prot?

The application layer isn't combined.There is no presentation layer in TCP/IP, it is simply a byte stream and any presentation is left to the application to sort out.The OSI model was designed by c... Read More »

How to Block Your Phone Number on the Motorola RAZR Cell Phone?

With the Truth in Caller ID Act of 2009, the Federal Communications Commission requires telephone companies to provide their customers with a simple and free procedure to block their phone numbers ... Read More »

What is a 3G Cell Phone?

A 3G cell phone, in simple terms, is any cell phone which is compatible with third generation technology. A cell phone built prior to 2001 will most likely not be classified as such. This is just a... Read More »

What Is a PDA Cell Phone?

A PDA cell phone is a hand-held mobile telecommunications device that shares the features of both a cell phone and a personal digital assistant (PDA). Such devices can also be referred to as smartp... Read More »