Which are removable and which are remote storage?

Answer Well, that's an easy one. Which ones are connected locally, but able to be removed easily? Then, which ones are not connected locally to your computer? That should help you out :-)

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What is Removable Storage?

Removable storage, in computing terms, is any form of data storage which is not incorporated into the computer itself. In addition to providing a form of backup by removing data from a centralized ... Read More »

Increasing Hard Drive Space / Removable Hard Drive Storage Facilities?

You can get an external hardrive that runs through your USB port, they come in a variety of space (80GB to a terrabyte) so I'd say check them out..…

Free file storage sites with unlimited storage time?

You can try these:1. Google Drive (5GB free space)2. SkyDrive (7GB free space)3. Dropbox (Starts at 2GB free space)I like Google Drive and SkyDrive (from Microsoft), but I'm using all the three.^^

Difference Between Storage Media Vs. Secondary Storage Devices?

The difference between storage media and secondary storage devices is that storage media is a fixed component for processing, recording and storing information which can be retrieved through a syst... Read More »