Which broadband better sky or bt option 1?

Answer Im using sky at the minute, and ive had no problems whatsoever. For £5 a month, i really recommend it.

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Best UK Broadband option?

Any ADSL broadband is *up to 10 Mb/s [or whatever your paying for] because any provider including BT themselves cannot guarantee any speed at anytime. Not only that, the whole network belongs to BT... Read More »

Im currently with bt broadband but looking for another option as i hardly use my pc...?

Use Pay as You Go mobile broadband is the best option for you then. All you have to do is to buy the dongle and just top it up as necessary like a mobile phone â–º Read More »

Is broadband through satellite going to be a good option for me?

You are unlikely to be satisfied with satellite service unless there simply is no terrestrial broadband option. Bandwidth may be OK but unless you can find a way of speeding up light there's nothin... Read More »

BT Broadband Total - what is my best VoIP option?

If you have BT Broadband, you should go for the BT Broadband Talk phone. Rental is 0 and it offers you free evening and weekend calls. you can also use this as a softphone.