Which computer operating system would Jesus use if he was here today?

Answer Probably JesOS

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What operating system for this computer?

That is a 10-12 years old "dinosaur" computer with the very slow DDR(1) 133Mhz and a very slow, obsolete, single core Intel Pentium 4 processor.Linux would be the only option, almost any light weig... Read More »

My computer says no operating system found what can i do to fix it?

You need to get your operating system install disk, put it into your drive and restart your computer.boot the cd on start up and follow the on screen instructions.when the option to format comes up... Read More »

How Can I Determine Which Operating System is On My Computer?

An operating system, sometimes called an OS, is the foundation of all system software on your computer. It is the part of your computer that is responsible for controlling input and output devices,... Read More »

How Do I Choose the Best Computer Operating System?

To choose the best computer operating system (OS) you should consider your needs from your computer, as well as the types of programs you would like to run. Some operating systems can be quite user... Read More »