Which is a better Internet connection wireless or cable?

Answer cable if you are downloading alot of stuff

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Does the PS3 come wireless for the internet connection, or do you have to connect via a cable?

Your PS3 has WiFi so it will connect to your broadband downstairs after you have set it up properly. You don't need to buy an adapter.

Any difference on the speed of internet connection if using a lan cable connect to a router or a wireless?

Typically not, however with newer technology standards this will be different. If you're using an old CAT5 cable and 10/100 ethernet cards, the wireless standard N can deliver higher rates, by a f... Read More »

In a Wireless Internet connection can anyone else using the wireless internet connection in that house......?

Which is better for the speed on the internet. Ethernet or wireless?

Fiber Optic cables is the fastest possible, with expiramental speeds into 100's of gigabytes per secondActual fiber in a typical business is 1000 Megabyte Per Sec, or GigbyteEthernet is capable of ... Read More »