Which is faster: Firefox or IE7 Does someone GENUINALLY know?

Answer Firefox is much better than IE7:1. The tabs load much faster than IE7.2. When you search for a word in a webpage, firefox searches for it while you type the word in, so it is faster at finding wo... Read More »

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Does anyone know how to make my laptop faster?

As the Space Shuttle falls, does it accelerate forever and does it go faster and faster?

Yes to the first part, no to the second part. Remember that acceleration can change the direction of velocity without changing the magnitude of velocity (the speed of the object). When the space sh... Read More »

Hi does anyone know when google toolbar will be available for the latest firefox 5 update?

1st option, you have to wait till Google updates the toolbar.Or2nd option, take your own risk by following step:1. Add-on Compatibility Reporter (Firefox Add-on): Read More »

Does anyone know how i could reinstall the internet historys to browsers chrome & firefox after a crash?

All your Favourites [Bookmarks and Favourites are the same thing] will be in the Favourites folder.Go to the old C drive [long time since I used XP so you will have to bear with me!] and expand C: ... Read More »