Which is more difficult: enabling your public folder in Vista or bending time and space?

Answer lol have a starnearly as funny as reading adi and knowing he has no sense of humour

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If time passes more slowly for someone who is moving quickly and enormous speeds are needed to explore distant space, is there any way to counteract this time/speed phenomenon so that those on earth will not die waiting for the "space travelers/explo?

Unfortunately, no. Those of us who remained on earth would watch the explorers head off at enormous speeds toward the stars and would be old and gray before they returned. Even if the explorers cou... Read More »

Which course is more difficult?

Software application development expertise will allow you to do business computing, not the other way round, so it does not matter which is the easiest, you only have one choice.http://en.wikipedia... Read More »

Which is the more difficult escalator to use?

I personally wouldn't try either. It is an offence to use an escalator in this manner on the railway and could land you with an £80 fixed penalty fine.

How to personlise the folder icons on your desktop (Vista windows)?

Hi,yes it can still be done :)1. Right-click on empty spot on Desktop and select Personalise2. In left pane under Tasks click Change Desktop Icons3. Click icon you wish to change and click Chang... Read More »