Which is more difficult: enabling your public folder in Vista or bending time and space?

Answer lol have a starnearly as funny as reading adi and knowing he has no sense of humour

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If time passes more slowly for someone who is moving quickly and enormous speeds are needed to explore distant space, is there any way to counteract this time/speed phenomenon so that those on earth will not die waiting for the "space travelers/explo?

Unfortunately, no. Those of us who remained on earth would watch the explorers head off at enormous speeds toward the stars and would be old and gray before they returned. Even if the explorers cou... Read More »

Why is it so difficult to password protect a single file/folder?

The program I have found is only capable of protecting folders, not single files [just put the file in a folder]. What it does is "encrypt" the folder (basically, scramble the code) and add a passw... Read More »

Vista Folder problems.?

in the pictures folder, go to organize>layoutclick on details view

How to share a folder(vista) with the other PC(xp) using a router?

xp has to be running service pack 2. connect both pc's to your router. Create a home network on the vista machine and save the settings when prompted to a usb key. put the usb key in your xp mac... Read More »