Which is the fastest web browser?

Answer The first web browser i used was internet explorer, it basically crashed every time i had a few tabs open so stay away from that.i then downloaded mozilla firefox which was better, but took time lo... Read More »

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Which browser is the best/fastest for Mac OS?

Chrome is supposedly the fastest out of those, firefox is the most capable but I would argue that safari is the best as it is built specially for Mac and it updates as the OS does so it really uses... Read More »

What is the fastest internet browser?

I use IE 9 with everything disabled on it or not even installed in the first place.Like Tabs, Feeds, Filtering, In Private and all the rest of the crap.Not needed and I certainly don't want it clut... Read More »

What is the fastest browser for windows 7?

Definetely not Internet explorer!!! Use firefox, google chrome or safari. I prefer firefox

What is the fastest web browser available for free download?

Google Chrome is the fastest. It is not feature rich as mainstream browsers but it's simplicity makes it rocket fast.