Which laptop and windows is good?

Answer It really doesnt matter what brand you get as long as you have the following (My guidlines)At least 4gb Ram DDR3 1333-1600MhzIF you can get a dedicated graphics card with at least 1gb GDDR5 Ram wou... Read More »

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Im just about to buy a laptop and i can have windows xp or windows vista,which is better?

That's a quandary. But I've heard a rumor that MS has had so many complaints with Vista that they are upping the development of their next version. So, I'd select XP to hold me over until then. But... Read More »

Can you use a Microsoft Windows Phone 8 as a modem with laptop which has windows 7?

You can use any Windows Phone running 7.5 or higher as a wi-fi hotspot provided you have a data plan that supports it. Your laptop will need a wireless internet adapter which, I cannot imagine it ... Read More »

I have a Windows Vista laptop and want to try an Apple Mac laptop. Will this be a good or wise decision?

If you live near an Apple store, you can head there and try them out. Seriously, they don't mind you walking in and browsing the web on them. Try them out and see what you think.Find your nearest A... Read More »

Insted of buying a windows 8 laptop, shall I get a windows 7 laptop and then install windows 8 on to it?

Thats a lot of farting about, and it'll cost more in the end to buy windows 8 and a new pc than to get one with 8 already on it.