Which of these statements about file systems are true?

Answer ext3 is the only file system recognised by Linux Fasle, ext2 and ext4 are the most obvious other examples.NTFS offers more security features than a FAT-based file system Yes you can do transparent ... Read More »

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Which of the following statements about using POP3 on csmail via port 110 are true?

Which of the following statements about the mail system on csmail are true?

Solid state drive file systems?

The same as normal HDDFAT / NTFS (Windows)EXT 1/2/3/4 ect (Linux)Any file system you use on a HDD will work on a SSD, if you are having trouble seeing your SSD it's probably a because you need driv... Read More »

Is it true that the bigger the lens on a camera, the more light goes through it and the better the photo or video My film teacher says that while this idea is logically correct, he didn't know if it was true. Your lecture slides say the answer is yes?

I'll assume that by "bigger lens" you mean one that is larger in diameter and that therefore collects all the light passing through a larger surface area. While a larger-diameter lens can project a... Read More »