Which of these tattoos do you like best and which of them would be most/least painful?

Answer The first is pretty, if not a bit common in subject matter, but its a great spot for a tattoo, flashy areas hurt a lot less in my opinion.The second is a painful place to be tattoo, your feet are a... Read More »

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Which part of your body is the most painful place to get a tattoo, and the least painful place?

It varies from person to person, and I have found people really do have different tolerances for different areas.As a general rule, any area that is softer, more pale, less exposed skin and is more... Read More »

My body got Tattoos where can I remove the tattoos in singapore tells the place & cheap rates Thank q?

Tattoo removal is never cheap and they always take far longer and cost far more to remove than getting them to begin with.But any reputable and well equipped tattoo studio also offers removals, mos... Read More »

Are tattoos with colour harder to remove than black tattoos?

I think the hardest colour to remove is red. Black is one of the easier ones to remove. Can't quite remember why! The way it works is that the laser basically disperses the ink and separates it if ... Read More »

What Causes Painful Bloating?

Painful bloating is caused by excess gas caught in the intestine and is very common. It can be caused by eating certain foods or the way you eat your food. According to The Cleveland Clinic, most p... Read More »