Which one of these two wifi booster is better and why,thanks?

Answer A router is NOT what you need.

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How do I set up a wifi booster?

Think you are geting confused.Nexxt sell a wireless N modem/router and also a wireless N router, both using the brand name Rangemax.Unfortunately, the mode/ router cannot be used as a range extende... Read More »

Buying a WiFi Booster?

WiFi boosters or relays don't work all that well, and slow things down tremendously, especially if there are multiple devices trying to use the WiFi system.Have a look at a 'Homeplug' setup instea... Read More »

How to Make a Tin Can WiFi Booster?

The idea of using a tin can to boost Wi-Fi reception is the increased reception strength that is gained by capturing the radio waves off the can's surface. Radio waves themselves are very direction... Read More »

How to Build a WiFi Booster Antenna for PSP?

If your PlayStation Portable (PSP) is experiencing problems connecting to the Internet through Wi-Fi, you can make a quick and easy homemade Wi-Fi booster antenna. This is much cheaper than purchas... Read More »