Which one of these two wifi booster is better and why,thanks?

Answer A router is NOT what you need.

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Which of these is better?

Cheesy is correct on point #1 The HD 7770 runs circles around the GT 610 (which is just a renamed GT 520):…Here's the GT 610/GT 520 compared to other entry... Read More »

Which of these monitors is better?

Well, you have not mentioned your use.1)If it is for gaming, you need to see which one has the least response time which is measured in milliseconds(ms). The lower, the better. Try to go for 2ms.2)... Read More »

Which one is better out of these 2 options?

Which is the better monitor out of these 2?

Without a doubt, the HP W2207 LCD Monitor, 22 Inch. It has a higher contrast ratio and I know HP to generally make solid LCD panels.