Which router/modem do I need for this?

Answer I am a big fan of netgear... The one suggestion i have tho -- try to keep your hardware all the same manufacturer because i have run into problems before when mixing brands... It doesn't always cau... Read More »

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Hi i need to put my car battery back on but have forgoten which lead is which?

The one with the red rubber cover is the positive or + lead, and the one without a cover is the earth or - lead.They correspond to the battery terminals with the same symbols, either + or -.

I hav 20 stables which i am looking to start my own livery yard do u no which insurance etc you need and cost?

Out of work,i need to buy or start a business but which onereally need some opinions?

I would say why don't you try a franchise? Or the way I stared in business was by importing crap from China. You can start with five grand and double your money with clever planning (basically, jus... Read More »

Which laptop/(or Tablet) do I need (I need it mostly for business)?

If you are going to using a keyboard a lot then I recommend getting a laptop with a proper keyboard.Those tablets with detachable keyboards are not very good if you do much typing.If you are just u... Read More »