Which top do you like best =)?

Answer Numbers 2 & 4 coz 2 has a pretty lacy bit at the top and number 4 is just dudey!i like 2 better thoughx

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Which of these tattoos do you like best and which of them would be most/least painful?

The first is pretty, if not a bit common in subject matter, but its a great spot for a tattoo, flashy areas hurt a lot less in my opinion.The second is a painful place to be tattoo, your feet are a... Read More »

Which of these do you like best?

i like this one best:…the second one is too manly looking.the third one is too bling blang shiny diamondish.

Which pj set do u like the best out of these 3?

Which name do YOU like best (:?

Rough Patch is ok, as long as you don't remember 'Cabbage Patch'.4VA has potential as a short badge- see what I mean? but would work for anything with those intial letters.