Which type of internet connection is best Dial up or broadband?

Answer Broadband without a doubt

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What is the point of dial up internet now when broadband is out?

Simply put - Broadband isn't available in all areas yet. You may have had it for years, but there are still "black" spots all over the UK.

Dial up internet connection?

Your best if not only "practical" option would be a Mobile Broadband service such as Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go or similar. Below is the US link, of course, you will have to use a locally UK based... Read More »

How to Hook Up a PS3 to the Internet With a Dial-Up Connection?

Using a dial-up connection to hook up a PlayStation 3 to the Internet is something that should only be attempted if there is no broadband connection available and the game you are playing requires ... Read More »

How do I access Internet with all my three PCs with one broadband connection?

set up a network using the network wizard. If you have wireless its easy.