Which websites are your finds of the year?

Answer www.myspace.comwww.bebo.comwww.camstreams.comyahoo questions n answers haha* * * My recent fav :D * * *****************************yeah mann!

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Good websites for my 6 year old son?

my son is 6 and he loves can choose to view it in either english or french, and it consists of loads of simple games and puzzles that are just the right difficulty level. The ... Read More »

What Are The Best Websites That You Have Discovered In The Last Year?

Google Earth and Wikipedia. Sorry, I'm boring.........

Does anyone know of any fun websites where my 12 year old son can play games?

hiya try childrens cbbc & cbeebies web site at & & & & & thease r web sites that h... Read More »

How can i check what websites are being visited by my 13 year old son?

Just ask him and talk to him about Internet and so on. It is normal for a boy to visit some XXX. It is a life. Do not spy on him. It won't help in a long run.