Which wireless component is best?

Answer The V Pro version built in WIFI worked OK, better than the Linksys PCI adapter, but didn't pick up as many connections near by as my USB adapter. The USB adapter has more power, faster reconnecting... Read More »

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What component does a new pc need to ensure it can use wireless broadband?

A wireless NIC (Network Interface Card) either in PCI, PCIe or USB format (USB is the easiest to install because PCI and PCIe NICs must be fitted inside your machine, whereas USB is plugged into an... Read More »

I ordered a wireless router, but got no wireless adapter or wireless card?

Go to Start->Control Panel->Network Connections.That will list your network adapters. You should have one called "Local Area Connection", that's your wired ethernet connection. If you have a wirele... Read More »

How to Use a Component AV Cable?

A component video cable splits up an image into three separate components: luminance (black and white information), red and blue. The transmission of these elements separately results in a much hig... Read More »

VGA To Component not working?

Your computer's video has to be set to something the TV will accept. This is usually 60Hz frame or refresh rate, and some lower resolution than HDTV. 1024x768 or even 800x600 is common, rather th... Read More »