Who actually owns the interweb ?

Answer Is it just all of us who are adding things to the web?

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Is it legal for an individual who co-owns a business to employ the services of another business he co-owns?

Of course its legal. And it is in fact very common. For example, you may have seen in the news that Starbucks pay virtually no corporation tax in the UK. This is because the coffee beans are suppli... Read More »

What are the best free anti-virus, firewall, anti-spyware/malware programs avalible on the interweb?

Zone Alarm basic firewall is the best, AVG Antivirus is good for Antivirus, Spybot Search and Destroy for antispy is also very good. If you have a genuine (not pirated) version of Windows XP, you c... Read More »

who owns p&o?

P&O was a port group, which was once known as a symbol of the might and pride of England, was sold to a Dubai based group, the DP group for 3.92 Billion GBP in 2006, by using Islamic sharia complia... Read More »

Who Owns the?

The is a word used to infer the meaning of a particular object or idea. It is owned by nobody. For more information: