Who agrees, wireless is overrated?

Answer I'd agree that in desktops wireless is pretty pointless but for laptops its nice

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Most overrated shops you can think of?

I completely agree with you. That's why I never shop at those three stores. NOT worth my money.

Is good spelling overrated?

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Is Alienware overrated/overpriced?

When you buy Alienware, you buy Alienware :') What I mean by that is, you buy the privilege of having the name on your laptop, having the case and features made by a professional designer. It light... Read More »

FACEBOOK: Time this piece of overrated crap was laid to rest ?

Hey, I don't like people posting stupid pictures and updates like "Just had a cuppa" every 5 minutes, and all the spammy application crap...But facebook is really useful, espescailly if you need to... Read More »