Who are 'The Anonymous'?

Answer In short they are a group of hackers.They were involved in the Wiki-leak scandel.You can read all about them here.…

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What Is an Anonymous URL?

An anonymous uniform resource locator (URL) is a shortened URL, or link, that takes a long website address and shortens it, in the process making it impossible for the user to know the real address... Read More »

Is it anonymous following...?

No it is completely anonymous. Nobody can see who follows them.

How to be Anonymous on Freenet?

The Java applet, Freenet, allows its users to conduct chats, publish articles and share large swathes of data with other interested members across the world. Photos, videos, songs, documents and ap... Read More »

Vendetta & Anonymous?

Its a Guy Faulks mask, from the film yes. The rebellion scene was a sort of analogy of what the populous of anonymous stands for. A singular person might not make a difference, but a horde will. A ... Read More »