Who created Windows XP?

Answer Some very intelligent developers at Microsoft.

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How do you use a system image you created on windows 8 and use it on a windows 7 laptop?

nope you cant use the windows 8 image and transfer it over to 7 because you are going backwards and windows 8 has components that cant really be read by 7 (mainly registry stuff) your best off by w... Read More »

I have windows vista and recently updated my windows live, now i can not access windows messenger, help plzzz?

Safety or Tools, go to addons and make sure it is enabled.

Can I buy programming that someone else has created?

If you mean that you want a software where you create a website, you can do so via this link

Who Created the Television?

The television was first created by an American inventor named Philo Farnsworth. He was also credited for many other inventions holding over 300 patents.