Who else is tired of Facebook?

Answer You may not be able to delete your account, but you can deactivate it and stop going there.  It's your choice to use it -- it's not compulsory.  Maybe you need to move on and find some new contac... Read More »

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How to get a job after you've tried and tired?

Try and try some more, something will come along, someone will be willing to give you the experience.Remember no-one likes a quitter. Give it your all !!:D

Why Am I Always Tired?

Feeling tired all the time can make it difficult to go about life's normal activities, such as taking care of a home and family and holding a job. Tiredness can usually be managed by following a he... Read More »

Tired of school and near enough everything?

How old are you? Age is really important. When I was around 13-15 I felt exactly like you, I hated school and didn't even think I needed it. I had heaps of great friends (still do, the same people)... Read More »

What Is the Tired Light?

The tired light theory seeks to provide an alternative explanation for the redshift seen in distant galaxies, which is conventionally explained by the expansion of the universe. According to this t... Read More »