Who else is tired of Facebook?

Answer You may not be able to delete your account, but you can deactivate it and stop going there.  It's your choice to use it -- it's not compulsory.  Maybe you need to move on and find some new contac... Read More »

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Anyone else get tired of that person on here asking us to rate her mom?

Can you believe that maniac,? Month's huh, How about the past 2 years? it's a sickness,

Who else hates facebook!!?

I deleted mine after about a week. Annoying as hell. People put things like "OMG JUST EATEN A BANANA!!" as a status or send me loadsa invites to crappy games. Haha, it sucks. :)

Deleted my facebook! who else?

Deactivated mine, reactivated it. Then decided to just stop using it. I haven't been on in months. No real reason to. I definitely feel better without it. :)

Who else finds 'Facebook' confusing?

Thank God somebody said that. I've used loads of sites, some good and some bad, but with Facebook I simply can't find what I want or change what I want or even avoid getting hammered by loads of ba... Read More »