Who finds facebook addictive?

Answer For me,1. Facebook2. Yahoo Answers3. Youtube

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Who else finds 'Facebook' confusing?

Thank God somebody said that. I've used loads of sites, some good and some bad, but with Facebook I simply can't find what I want or change what I want or even avoid getting hammered by loads of ba... Read More »

Is Facebook addictive?

Joined it unwillingly but because of the number of friends on it, I thought I leap into the 21 century. So, to answer your question - is Facebook addictive, yes, it is and it is annoying because wh... Read More »

Is facebook sad but addictive?

It's addictive for about a week. Now it's just annoying. I'm tempted to delete my account, but I rely on it for keeping in touch with some of my friends.

Why is Facebook addictive?

Because its basically a VIRTUAL WORLD!People can do stuff that they would normally do with their mates like chat and have a little giggle over the Internet using these socaial networks. Basically n... Read More »