Who has Core i5 or i7 Is it faster than Core i3?

Answer Definitely. But you will only notice if you actually use the power of the i5 or i7. If you encode video, you will definitely see a difference. If you just surf the web then you probably won't notic... Read More »

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Is a 1.4ghz Dual core processor Faster than a 1.7ghz single core?

The answer is yes and no. technically speaking. Yes the 1.7 ghz single core is faster and might benefit from most games. but With the dual core you can have more of a multitasking advantage. So for... Read More »

Is a 6 core 3.3ghz better than a dual core 3.4ghz?

Not necessarily. In theory yes, the 6core would out perform the dual core. But depending on how many cores the program allows then the results can vary. Also it would depend on what era/brand the p... Read More »

Is intel core i5 better than intel core i3?

Hi, Well , your i5 is a great lot better than your friend's i3 ( i don't want to insult him) . The i5 is meant for People who like gaming. The i5 has 4 cores , which means it is a PC with 4 power... Read More »

If I Place a Single Core With a Dual Core Will It Still Work?

If the computer is a standard model of a well known company you can look up the specson-line. If it were a Dell for example, I'd put Dell into search, then enter the model number into their search.... Read More »