Who has Core i5 or i7 Is it faster than Core i3?

Answer Definitely. But you will only notice if you actually use the power of the i5 or i7. If you encode video, you will definitely see a difference. If you just surf the web then you probably won't notic... Read More »

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Is a 1.4ghz Dual core processor Faster than a 1.7ghz single core?

The answer is yes and no. technically speaking. Yes the 1.7 ghz single core is faster and might benefit from most games. but With the dual core you can have more of a multitasking advantage. So for... Read More »

Can I upgrade my hp dc7600 convertible minitower to a dual core or core 2 duo processor?

That number ( i945P/PL/G/GZ ) is a chipset number, rather than a motherboard model number. Finding out what board you have in HP machines isn't straightforward, but that's what you need to find out... Read More »

Dual core or Quad core processor (for Macbook Pro Retina Display)?

If you max out upgrades of 13" rMBP on Apples website you can get 2.9GHz i7 and 8GB 1600MHz SDRAM. For what you are doing, that would be perfect.

When making an electromagnet, why does a hard core stay permanently magnetized while a soft core does not — CD, Houston, TX?

Iron and steel are intrinsically magnetic materials, meaning that at the atomic scale they exhibit magnetic order and have magnetic poles present. Most materials, including copper and aluminum, hav... Read More »