Who invented the internet?

Answer Even though wikipedia can be edited by anyone there is a good article on the internet history there that has legit information on the internet and its beginnings. Read More »

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When Was the Internet Invented?

The maturation of the Internet was one of the few truly revolutionary events of the late twentieth century, a period marked by a plethora of hyperbole and so-called revolutions. This is widely ackn... Read More »

Who invented the internet and when?

Al Gore did. Here's whyIf it weren't for the support of the U.S. Senate and the creation of specific laws that govern the internet, it'd never happen. However, the National Security Agency (NSA) ... Read More »

What year was the internet invented?

Well, the internet (Or it's predecessor) was created by a group working for DARPA(then ARPA) in the US in 1969The internet's predecessor was "Arpanet" and is widely heralded as the first computer n... Read More »

Why do most Americans think America invented the internet?

Plain arrogance - they even voted Alexander Graham Bell one of the Greatest Ever americans despite him having been Scottish.They just love to claim they invented everything.It reminds me of the cha... Read More »