Who is good for broadband i am with BT so want to change?

Answer why do you want to change?im with BT and they are the best broadband supplier in the UK

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I want to change broadband suppliers?

Depending on your operating system (and assuming you are using windows) open up a command prompt. Start->run-> type in cmd In the command prompt type in:ipconfig /allLook for your local area connec... Read More »

Sky broadband I am with BTinternet at the minute but SKY internet is free. Are sky broadband any good?

been with sky over a year no probs rec max for £10 a month download speed 10 to 12 mb day and night plus free wireless router shame its a netgear but works

What is the best company to go with if I want to go on Broadband at home?

Steer well clear of talktalk (if u in the uk) the are cr@p.

I already have broadband with bt and want to use the same email address on laptop how do i do it?

You should be able to plug your lap top into any internet connection or wi fi if applicable and select the link below