Who is the inventor of the internet In what year and where?

Answer Despite Al Gore's claim that he invented it, the Internet was born of ARPANET which was developed by the military in the 50's and 60's. By the late 70's colleges and universities were doing some w... Read More »

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There is a video circulating on the internet which purports to show an "inventor" who has a machine that burns water. Water is broken down into hydrogen and oxygen which is then burned to produce....more water! I maintain that the net energy produc?

You have it exactly right. Water itself is burned hydrogen, and the energy required to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen is equal to the energy released when the hydrogen subsequently burns b... Read More »

Job name for an inventor?

Do You Mean the Name of the Career Path?If So, I'd Say 'Entrepreneur'.Hope This Helps and Best Wishes for your Future.

Is it possible for me to become an inventor/entrepreneur?

I see you need ego boosting. That's fine, someday you'll get what I wanted to say. ;)Of course you are realistic. As long as you know your strengths and weaknesses, and think this is a job which is... Read More »

Inventor / designer jobs?

I used to do car valet. I would stand outside all night at rich peoples parties and watch their cars and park them as they arrive. It always be just me out there and one day a man came out and kept... Read More »