Who is watching me on facebook?

Answer Governments. ° - °

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Would you rather spend time on Facebook or watching your favourite TV programme?

well normally I'm on facebook while I'm watching tv cuz my comp is right next to the tv so i have the best of both worlds! :)

What's the best monitor to use for playing games, watching DVDs, and watching recorded tv shows?

Best? In which way?Are you taking into account the computers ability to do the things you require?Are you taking into account, processor, memory, graphics card?From my main machine, I have a 32 inc... Read More »

Watching Films On Pc?

anything that plays on your comp should automatically play with windows media playerunless you have installed another media player but even then if you have it will normally ask you which player yo... Read More »

Is Big Brother watching us?

It's the UGLY TRUTH!!! The Biblical name for Big Brother is the Antichrist who now works behind the scenes until the time is ripe for his tyrannical rule to come into being. The Internet is a ferti... Read More »