Who thinks facebook should change the layout to the old one?

Answer To the oldest one !This layout is the worst ...the past one was bad to !The oldest was the best !

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How to change facebook back to old layout?

Yes, you can still go back to the old facebook. :)This blog has a way to go back to old facebook.…Cheers

Is there any way to make facebook layout change itself back to normal?

yes! click on MORE (in blue) on the menu at the top lefthand side of page. then drag STATUS UPDATES to the top, then click on it. hey presto it will become your default setting>!i have done it and ... Read More »

Facebook thinks i am dead :(?

its just proof that's its you it should only ask for your date of birth ? :S

Who thinks Facebook, twitter etc. are completely pointless?

Then they wonder why they get "HACKED" so, easily. I wholeheartedly agree with you GALE.