Who thinks its totally unfair from Facebook to give our details to evryone who can pay for it!?

Answer We all, or should be aware of the dangers of the internet, after all it is a global network open to all. Therefore if you are concerned at all about privacy issues, the first sites to avoid are the... Read More »

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Do I Have to Give the Bbc My Facebook Login Details?

It is not advisable to share with anyone your Facebook login details due to the high risk of hacking. if malicious people get a hold of your logins they may use your account to send out spam or mis... Read More »

Is my mum being totally unfair in this situation?

Yes she is. You've passed your test so you're clearly a competent driver.

FACEBOOK - How many different ways are there to join a group Please give details as its very important?

- you can get invited by a friend , - search for groups and join that way , - groups contain a list of " groups in common " could of seen it there , - groups joined by your friends are shown on th... Read More »

R u totally addicted 2 facebook?

I love it, I have found real friends I lost track of, thats the whole point of it.Hardly on here anymore either!