Who thinks that people put to much information about themselves on the web?

Answer I agree with you! It is potentially dangerous... People want to be picked up, noticed, befriended, or whatever. But it comes with a bag of risks, so to speak.It's a good question to ask before you ... Read More »

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Who thinks that people with My Space pages are just attention seekers who love themselves?

ME.I F***ING HATE THAT WEBSITEyour the first girl i heard say that.marry me.

Why do people throw themselves in front of trains to kill themselves especially the ones in the UK?

Nope.. You will die a quick and painless death.

Am I the only one that thinks people who use these words are really annoying?

No you're not being too moany.I hate those words too.To be honest, i don't even know what 'Alie' means, but everyone uses it like its a necessity or something when its clearly not.I'm 14, and I go ... Read More »

Aren't you fed up with all these people that live beyond their means and than declare themselves bankrupt?