Who thinks that people put to much information about themselves on the web?

Answer I agree with you! It is potentially dangerous... People want to be picked up, noticed, befriended, or whatever. But it comes with a bag of risks, so to speak.It's a good question to ask before you ... Read More »

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Am I the only one that thinks people who use these words are really annoying?

No you're not being too moany.I hate those words too.To be honest, i don't even know what 'Alie' means, but everyone uses it like its a necessity or something when its clearly not.I'm 14, and I go ... Read More »

If information is not encrypted when you visit a website, what sort of information can be seen by other people?

A "man in the middle" can see traffic to and from the web site. They could intercept user names and passwords so can get access to your accounts. Otherwise, they only see images/information that ap... Read More »

Who thinks that people with My Space pages are just attention seekers who love themselves?

ME.I F***ING HATE THAT WEBSITEyour the first girl i heard say that.marry me.

My wife thinks she may have been caught on a speed camera. 40mph in a 30mph zone she thinks, ban?

Can only give her 3 points and a fine, but remember she's only got 3 left before ban