Who would date foreigner?

Answer Like their music but I'm a bloke.

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How can I change my computer date to a previous date so that it doesnt reset back to the actual date?

I’m not sure what you’re on about but if you want to change the date....Start; Control Panel: Date and Time; now put in what date you like and it will believe you.

I need some help about finding job in the UK being a foreigner?

cancel your flight to london, there are thousands of british people looking for jobs in the uk,and they have been unemployed for years.the uk is not the land of milk and honey anymore,you will end ... Read More »

Shall I as foreigner pay council tax in UK?

Irrespective of other answers given you are liable to council tax.I am a landlord of several properties some of which are let to students from China currently at Manchester University and can speak... Read More »

How to Marry a Foreigner?

There is no particular way to marry a foreigner. If you meet and fall in love with one then marrying a foreigner is perfectly possible.