Whos addicted to e bay and why?

Answer i am! it just makes buying the stuff you want easier!most of the stuff i buy is "buy it now" anyway. i rarely bid on auctions but do get excited on occasion!

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Whos addicted to facebook?

I was when I first joined but not as much anymore

Are you addicted to facebook?

kinda not too bad's a good way to keep in touch with friends

Why am I so addicted to fb and my phone?

That's hard. Ask someone to hide it for you, that might work. Or ask him/her to hide your charger. If that gets lost, you can buy a new one. After a week, check fb again and try not to use it too o... Read More »

Am i addicted to the internet?

lol i used to be the same, but its important to go out with your friends when they ask you other wise they will just be like "hey you wanna go knock for Jessie" "nahh she never comes out" and you w... Read More »