Who's this guy. Everyone knows him on facebook?

Answer Steve Irwin. He was a crocodile hunter from Australia. He died in 2008-09 I think when he was doing an underwater documentary and a stingray stinger went through his chest...EDIT: Im sorry, he died... Read More »

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Whos stalker on my facebook?

You won't know who's been stalking on your facebook. There's no application for that. Sorry.

Whos addicted to facebook?

I was when I first joined but not as much anymore

Is there anyway on Facebook you can see whos been on your profile?

Unless they like a picutre, status or post on your wall or something then unfortunatley no :(It would be fricken awsome though if you could :)

On facebook is there a way to spy on whos been looking at your profile and how many times?

yesthere is an application called "Stalker Check"I did it, it works, and I found out that my Mum is my stalker =]