Why Cedar Tree Needles Are Turning Yellow?

Answer Many varieties of cedar are found throughout Northern North America. Cedar cultivars have foliage that ranges from solid green to bronze to bluish-tinged needles. Yellow or brown needles, regardles... Read More »

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Cedar Tree Needles Turning Yellow in the Summer?

Environmental factors like fungal diseases or improper cultural practices can cause cedar tree needle yellowing. Generally, when improper cultural practices, such as over-fertilising the tree, are ... Read More »

My Pine Tree Needles Are Turning Brown?

Brown pine tree needles are often a sign of a health problem for pine trees. Evergreen trees get their name because their waxy needles allow them to remain green throughout the year, even in winter... Read More »

Why Cedar Tree Branches Are Turning Brown?

Cedar trees (Cedrus spp.) are evergreen conifers from the pine family. The trees adapt to a range of climatic zones and have a moderately fast growth rate. Large cedar trees need open room to grow ... Read More »

Why Is My Holly Tree Turning Yellow?

The holly tree is a hardy plant that prominently displays its glorious green leaves for most of the year. At Christmastime, the plant is especially handsome, as it features beautiful red berries. C... Read More »