Why Do Ceramic Artists Use Molds?

Answer In 1974, workers digging a well in Shaanxi Province, China, unearthed the intact life-size clay head of a warrior statue. Subsequent excavation revealed more than 1000 terra-cotta warrior figures m... Read More »

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French Ceramic Art Nouveau Artists?

Art Nouveau, meaning "New Art" in French, is defined as a design style of the late 19th century and early 20th century characterised especially by sinuous lines and natural forms. Art Nouveau can b... Read More »

How to Make Ceramic Molds?

Ceramics lend an attractive visual appeal and beauty to household items. They can be used for making a variety of products ranging from teakettles and figurines to pots and vases. Making ceramic mo... Read More »

How to ID Paintings & Artists?

Identifying particular paintings and artists requires careful and repetitive study of the individual work or works, and while there is no formula or technique that can substitute for this deeper ac... Read More »

Can You Lay Ceramic Tile Over Existing Ceramic Floor Tile?

The only requirement for the subsurface of tile is that the surface needs to be relatively moisture resistant and level. The ideal surface is concrete or concrete backer board. However, existing ti... Read More »