Why Do People Argue about Macs And PCs?

Answer Since when was a Mac not a PC? Mackintosh is just a brand name and nothing else. The differences between what you would get with a Mackintosh branded pc and a pc with windows are as follows:1. Oper... Read More »

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What type of job can I have where i can argue with people?

I'll join you. I love good row. Government , social services, DSS that sort of thing maybe. Enviromental health!! They will talk down to you at the drop of a hat, (not litterally, people are allowe... Read More »

How to Argue with Someone Who Always Belittles Other People?

Some people do not play fair when they argue. Some people argue as an act of aggression. They are not interested in listening to the other person's point of view, nor are they interested in finding... Read More »

The Top 10 Things People Argue About?

Even the happiest couples, closest friends and most loving family members find themselves arguing about the same things repeatedly. What may start as a difference of opinion often escalates into fu... Read More »

Why do people argue with each other on youtube?

Haha thats a good question, i soooo agree with you tho. Why spend ur time argueing with ppl through YouTube about THEIR oppinon! Ya, one time i commented a video that i didnt like this song and i g... Read More »