Why Do i Keep Getting Disconnected From My Router?

Answer I had an issue similar to this that was caused by a battery back up I had between my router and modem. When it did a self check it would break the connection to the router and take everything down... Read More »

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My PC keeps getting disconnected from router?

You bought a super duper new gaming computer and yourspoiling that experience by using a wireless connection?That computer need to be hardwired to the modem with anethernet cable if you want the fa... Read More »

I keep being disconnected from my Broadband connection?

And......What kind of question is that, dumbass!

If i change my router to wep, instead of wpa will everything connected to the router get disconnected and need?

Yes, everything would need reconfiguring.But do not change it (it may not be possible anyway).WEP has been obsolete for many years at it was a badly flawed system.It can be broken in second with fr... Read More »

I have a new Netgear wireless router and a new modem. why do I keep getting kicked off the internet?

Try this test. Connect a computer directly to the modem and leave it on over night. In the morning, if the computer has connection problems, then the issue is the modem for sure.