Why I facebook determined to ruin the good thing they had going?

Answer I know I feel the same way, I think most people get annoyed by this and I get to the point where i just want to delete it.. They keep on doing it &obviously like you said they're just trying to mak... Read More »

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I hate my job,its going to ruin my summer!?

Boy i wish i had those hours lol..if you dont liek it work for 2 weeks then quit..i work 50 hours a week..could your social life handle that? LOOOL

Why do kids think they look good when they pull silly faces then upload the pictures to Facebook?

Give them a break. Let them enjoy it while they're still young. You only get to live that stage once. If you don't seem to like it then go on your own and just act yourself.

What is a good and funny thing for my fella to write as a Facebook status?

Go to the status shuffle application on there and choose some or go to a quotes site.

Does or has anybody felt like they weren't going to be good enough for their first job?

Self confidence comes from going out and doing it, were all only human, and i would encourage you to do abit of people watching to realise how $#@!%^! we all really are, get on line and start apply... Read More »