Why I facebook determined to ruin the good thing they had going?

Answer I know I feel the same way, I think most people get annoyed by this and I get to the point where i just want to delete it.. They keep on doing it &obviously like you said they're just trying to mak... Read More »

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What is a good and funny thing for my fella to write as a Facebook status?

Go to the status shuffle application on there and choose some or go to a quotes site.

Is including a cleaning job in my Cv ruin my chances of getting a good job?

I would mention it without emphasis. Emphasise what you can contribute to in your career statement.

Why are sites social networking sites like facebook and twittter so popular is this a good or bad thing?

Social networking sites are popular because they appeal to everyone.The difference between them and the 'gaming' websites you talk about are that the gaming sites NARROW their target audience! It a... Read More »

What is that thing everyone is doing on facebook?

its a purse game.. you are supposed to say "i like it on....." and then where ever you leave your purse when you walk thru the door... here it is from my friend:K ladies here's a game, like the bra... Read More »