Why Would a Private Company Go Public?

Answer When a company goes public, it involves selling stock to a large number of investors. While this type of transaction is not in the best interests of every company, it can be beneficial for many com... Read More »

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How do I form a Public/Private Limited Company?

MonkeyMan is a little confused...You can be a sole trader or partnership and start today - you simply keep records of income and expediture for the business and excess income will be taxable in the... Read More »

Millionaires have private healthcare, private schools & don't use public transport yet pay higher tax?

Their wealth, in most cases, has been built up at the expense of the plebeian majority. The Government of the day has to raise funding from wherever it can. There is a limit on how much they can ex... Read More »

I am looking for company insurance for my Ltd. scaffold company i.e public liability etc. etc?

Why are you asking here instead of asking an insurance expert like a local broker? Pick up the Yellow Pages and call someone who can help you.

My wife obtained a parking ticket when parked in a private retail car park from a private company called UK Parking Control. Am I obliged to pay the fine?

would not think your local copshop ..they will be able to tell you if this has any authority.. No just ignore it completely, and eventually they will get sick of writing to you, you are ... Read More »