Why are blank CD's cheaper than blank DVD's?

Answer It is because of the private copying levy.For more info, visit:…

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Are blank sony dvds better than others?

It may improve the quality a little - it depends on the software you're using. If the DVD plays much better from your hard drive than from the burnt DVD - then yes, better quality disk will probabl... Read More »

How do you leave cell I4 blank if H4 is blank and I4 has a formula of I3+H4?

not fool proof, if they type text into H4 it will cause a #name error, but something like this=IF(H4 "",I3+H4,"")

Why does blank 700MB cd-r only have 631MB blank space?

Yes, it has do with something called "Overburning", which can create decreased size infornaton tracks and files to tell the disc what it needs to know. Most software will have an option to enable... Read More »

What Blank CDs Are the Best?

The advent of blank compact discs provided ordinary people with the chance to create CD mixes or to copy CDs from digital media. Since the blank CD was first introduced, the blank CD business has g... Read More »