Why are girls putting "i like it on the floor" on facebook status?

Answer It's one of those "GIRL POWER" groups.I need MEN RESISTANCE NOW!... LET"S RUIN THEM.COPY PASTE THIS BACK IN THEIR STATUS:"Ok ladies here's another game, like the bra color game which was a total su... Read More »

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Why are people putting a fine in pounds as their facebook status?

This is the list of what people are adding upSmoked weed -- £10Did acid or pills -- £5Ever had sex at church -- £25Woke up in the morning and did not know the person who was next to you --£40Ha... Read More »

Why do people keep putting black or white as their facebook status updates?

Why are people putting an amount of a fine in pounds on their facebook status?

People have now started putting numbers as a facebook status any ideas I know the other is bra colour.?

"hello girlies... day 3 of the 'breast cancer game' thanx to those who have played all day i want you to put the size of your feet and the word inches and a sad face after for example..... Read More »