Why are girls putting inches are their statuses on facebook today?

Answer it is another of those breast cancer awareness things, like the bra's peoples foot length in inches, they've been told to put a sad face at the end. It's meant to get people guessing or m... Read More »

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Anyone know what this cups and times thing is all about on Facebook that girls are putting as their statu?

I'm a girl.... And I have no idea what your talking about. Sorry this doesn't really answer your question, but I'm curious of this "cups and times thing" your talking about.

Do you find it stupid when people like their own statuses on facebook?

it's like giving yourself a high-five in public(:

Is facebook statuses just a tool for uncool people to brag about their unexciting lives?

Haha! This made me laugh. When you did an impression of someone on Facebook it sounded just like something my ex-mate would put on her MSN personal message thing. And strangely enough, she spends m... Read More »

Why are women posting inches as their facebook status and then a :-(?

I'll just let you into a little secret.. This is what I got forwarded.. Hello Girlies... day 3 of the 'breast cancer game' thanx to those who have played along. Today all day I want you to put the... Read More »